About Us

Stones Of Support handcrafted jewelry business committed to giving back to those-in-need and helping to find a cure for several diseases afflicting people throughout society.


With each necklace sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to the charity associated with the color of the piece.

Wearing your necklace will be a constant reminder of the donation that you made to support someone affected. 


Our Inspiration

Inspired by her Granny Joan, Samantha Dichter wanted to find a way to support and help those suffering with the Alzheimer's disease. Her original business was called Amethyst for Alzheimer's, solely raising money for the Alzheimer's Association. Her passion for the cause led Amethyst for Alzheimer's to be the highest profiting business since the inception of her Advanced Entrepreneurship class. She managed to donate $300 to the Alzheimer's Association but knew her work couldn't stop there. When enrolling in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, she took Amethyst for Alzheimer's to the next level. 4 more charities were added and Stones Of Support was born.